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 Bodywork and fixings.

 Damp meter test  Exterior sealants
 Window stays

 (Int) locks/hinges
 Roof light operation  

(Ext) locks/doors/hinges
 Check for floor delam  Grab handles
 Exterior trims
 Blinds and fly screens.

 Water systems.

 Operation of water pump

 Toilet blade and flush
 Operation of taps/shower

 Pressure switch (if fitted) check/adjust
 Water filter (if fitted)  

Drain plugs and hot water system.

 Chassis and running gear.

 Grease jockey wheel

 Handbrake operation
 Check corner steadies

 Tyres and tyre pressure
 Check breakaway cable  

Adjust/check brakes
 Grease overrun piston  

Check taper bearings/grease
 Coupling head/Alko pads  

Tighten wheel bolts.

 Gas supply and appliances.

 Check gas hose tails  

Space heater test
 Test fridge for cooling  

Water heater test
 Cooking appliance test  

Gas leak test .

Electrical system.

Check operation of mcbs/rcd  240v water heater

Test 13amp sockets/12volt sockets

Check blown air system

Wiring circuit and fuses  Road lights and awning light

Operation of int lighting  12n &12s plugs
12v and 240v fridge check  

Smoke alarm check
240v space heater check.